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Graphic design for print and advertising

Taking a creative concept and making it a visual reality is what its all about. From annual reports and corporate identities to catalogs and specification sheets to ad campaigns and billboards, I create designs that deliver the message effectively. Oh yeah, I can work with those nasty deadlines and budgets.

Multimedia development

There's content and there's delivery. I'll give you both for that interactive CD you've been meaning to get to for how long? Demo a product, digitize a catalog, distribute a manual or deliver a training session without anything but a plastic disk in a jewel case. Isn't technology amazing!

Web Page Development

It's hot. The Internet is all over the place and so is your web site. If you need a fresh look, or it's getting to be too complicated to manage, or you've been burned by the 17 year old hacker who lost your site when he hooked his PC to his skateboard, give me a call. Besides, it won't cost you anything to talk (Hey, I'm not a lawyer)

Package Design

Boxed, bagged, wrapped or formed, your products must be displayed to their optimum visibility. And then there's the nitty gritty details like ingredients, bar codes and EPA regulations. All you need is a strong design with the ability to make everyone happy . . . that's what I deliver.


I have a unique style that's especially suited to industrial and technical kinds of illustrations. Line drawings, schematics, diagrams and other ways to describe a process visually can be both informative and attractive. As a matter of fact, I demand it.

Digital Photography

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You have 300 products to put in a catalog or on your web site. You get a price from the photographer that doesn't include film, processing, expenses, etc. and it's already twice the budget. Oh, and you still have to scan those suckers in. Digital Photography just might be the answer.

Digital Imaging

Some people call this retouching, but since it is all done electronically, I don't. Simple scanning services to creative digital montages can be yours. Take a look and let me know if you see anything you like.

Copy Writing

Wouldn't it be nice to find a writer who actually understands your products? I make it a point to do this. After all, how can you write about something you don't understand? (don't answer, that's rhetorical since people do it every day.)

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