Multmedia samples may not be all that impressive on the web, but at least the shockwave stuff can be cool.
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CIMNET CD Software demos and interactive demonstrations show how a manufacturing facility from a small "mom & pop" machine shop up to a huge assembly plant can achieve the "Paperless Factory".
2nd edition of CIMNET's live demonstrations of their software.
PEERLESS CD CATALOG This CD encompasses the complete product line of over 5000 items and includes an independent interactive price list able to be updated regularly.
Interactive Kiosk
A freestanding kiosk with a touch screen runs in the lobby to introduce waiting guests to the services and history of the company.

Demonstrates the advanced ability of SDRC's CAD/CAM/CAE products.

The Shockwave example.
Speaking of shockwave, don't forget to check out Macromedia's