You'll need plug-ins and the latest versions of your browser of choice in order to play . . . er . . . seriously evaluate the cooler aspects of the web. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but this'll get you going.

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Get the latest browser
Netscape is still the tops in the web game. If you spend a lot of time on the net, you should have this!
For those of you who enjoy free stuff, Internet Explorer 3.0 is the ultimate freebie

So you want to see some multimedia? You better have Shockwave loaded. Go get it!
Yeah, and Flash, too!
So the Acrobat Reader isn't a plug-in. It can be pretty useful if you want to view .pdf documents and it's free. I'd recommend having this on hand .
Add-ons for explorer users as well as other neat Microsoft software
RealAudio delivers streaming audio through any connection from 14.4kbps on up.
Acrobat and the Acrobat logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Useful Utilities
Stuffit Expander Great for unzipping, unstuffing, and generally decompressing or unencoding things downloaded.
WS_FTP FTP client for Windows. Perfect for simple file xfers.
Fetch Fetch is a user-friendly Macintosh FTP client; it allows point-and-click, drag and drop file transfers to and from any machine with an FTP server, over a TCP/IP network.

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