I have Literally been working
my fingers to the bone

Or should I say ...
“Literately?” or “Literary?” I have recently completed my second novel, “XMAS.” It is a cynical look at the holidays through the memories of a missing person. The main character is forced to deal with some of his own Christmas issues in this unusual “whodunnit.”

XMAS follows my first effort as a writer,a novel I titled Understanding Paul in reference to Paul Gauguin. I think it would make equally interesting reading material for people who feel they have abandoned their dreams to the relative safety of a middle class life, as well as to young idealists ready to strike out in the pursuit of their own dreams.

I have posted several excerpts from the unpublished manuscripts. Click here to check it out. Contact me if you think you might want to read the whole thing or your brother-in-law works for a large publisher (wink, wink).

It Used to be N e w s — Summer 1 9 9 9

The big sigh.
Design and technology seem to be mutually exclusive — except for the largest companies with very deep pockets, or the most esoteric of design sites. It's a shame, really that people are so “wowed” by technology that they do not put the same aesthetic considerations into their web sites.

The big lie.
Designers can't create websites. Many people with a limited understanding of design or HTML are offering themselves to an unsuspecting business community. As the web matures, it is as important to present a professional look as well as clean HTML.

(no longer) N e w s — 1 9 9 8

New accounts

A referral and a sales call have turned into two new clients. While the projects initially have been small, they have the potential to become very good customers. Epix Internet Services — also my ISP and site host — has added me to their list of artists to develop web site graphics for their clientele. Jet-Hot, manufacturer of high temperature coatings for metals, asked me to review recent ads and literature to bring their image up to the next level. I am looking forward to helping both these companies with their graphic needs.


Keeping in touch.

CMGD cellular 610-914-1235Reaching me by phone has become even harder and more frustrating. In an effort to be available all the time I have upgraded my cellular phone service to an expanded digital network. Now I carry my phone all the time, forward my office calls when I'm on the road and be notified of missed calls. If you leave a message while I'm on another call, in a meeting or otherwise unable to answer, the system will page me. Or if you prefer, you can send me a text message. Ain't technology wonderful?

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year number 5

With the end of 1998, Charles Moon Graphic Design will be 5 years old, and I will be that much closer to my 40th Birthday. It seems like only yesterday that I was setting up shop in the back bedroom of my home (also known as the “the office”). That lasted only 6 months as I rapidly outgrew the ability to work at home.

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Digital Photography
now available.

It made sense for me to get involved directly with digital photography. With the catalog work I have been involved with recently, traditional photography costs would have killed the budget and missed the deadlines. By doing the photography directly and digitally, everything goes according to plan . . . amazingly.

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