A B O U T   C M G D

Charles Moon has spent the last twenty-two years in the advertising business. A native of Philadelphia, Charlie left the city to study fine arts and art history at Kutztown University.

His first job was in public relations at Hershey Entertainment and Resort Company. He then took a position at a small advertising agency where he was the only artist on staff. From there, he moved to a larger agency and within six years, he progressed from a junior artist to the senior art director.

Four years later, in early 1994, Charlie started his own firm, Charles Moon Graphic Design. This allowed him to embrace new multi-media technology, digital imaging, and the internet. Charlie is one of only a handful of artists who work in both traditional advertising and new media. Many people in new media come from a programming background. Charlie’s strengths as a designer, combined with an understanding of traditional and new media production, give him a unique perspective. He offers clients the best of both worlds. Print allows you to show the product, where interactivity puts the user in control. Charlie uses what works for the application required. Instead of bells and whistles, he presents a solutions oriented goal, based on his clients’ objective.

Charles Moon Graphic Design isn’t for everyone. But if you desire the kind of expertise he offers, and the budget to back it up, you’ve come to the right place.


“The principles of
design have not
changed, the
medium has.”
      — designer’s mantra

does not preclude
good design.”
      — client’s mantra

“If you can’t make
it work, make it
      — programmer’s mantra

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