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  D R A W I N G S   from   W E E K L Y   W O R K S H O P
2009/2010 Technique and Detail
Male Models
Male Models.
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During the year we have a variety of models. The person who coordinates the drawing workshop tries to rotate the models as often as possible. This section is of the male models who regularly pose for the group. All of the drawings are charcoal on paper with some pastel to indicate highlights on th elonger poses. I have grouped the drawings by model, but are not in chronilogical order.
Female Models.
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The female models in this section have been posing for the group for several years. Even though there is a familiarity with thier forms and poses, each new drawing builds on a continuing body of work. The group has opted to eliminate the 2 minute poses. Since modeling time is limited we wanted the opportunity to work longer on individual poses. We now only work with several 10 minute poses to begin.
Guest Models
Guest Models.
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Throughout the year we may have the opportunity to draw visiting models or those who may wish to try modelling for the group. In some instances our regular model is not available so we have asked poeple to fill in. This year my technique has remained unchanged. I do not forsee any major shift in direction unless I am able to dedicate more time to drawing, which is unlikely.

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