C H A R L E S   M O O N

  D R A W I N G S   from   W E E K L Y   W O R K S H O P
2008/2009 Technique and Detail
2 Minutes
Two minute gestures.
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The workshop begins with a series of short 2-minute poses. Because the duration is short, the model can hold more dynamic poses allowing an abbreviated rendition of the form, focusing on posture and movement. The drawings are brush and ink on paper using a medium Sumi brush giving me a calligraphic effect with the black strokes. While I prefer the ink to flow, I have had some success with a dry brush technique.
10 Minutes
Ten minute sketches.
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The gestures are followed by three or four longer poses ranging from five to ten minutes in length. The difficulty of the pose is at the model’s discretion. These sketches capture more of the model’s unique traits as well as developing values to define light and form. The drawings are charcoal on paper. The majority of the drawings represented here were made with soft vine charcoal. I have used willow as well, but I find that it is more difficult to control and does not yield acceptable dark values.
45 Minutes
Forty-five minute drawings.
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For the remainder of the workshop, we will have the model hold a single pose so a more fully developed drawing may be completed. Because of the length, the models tend to present a more static posture such as a seated or classic reclining pose. For the longer poses I prefer a toned Strathmore® charcoal paper. A medium soft charcoal pencil is used for the initial framework and the shadow tones with white or light gray pastel to add the highlights.

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